Slight Change of Plan…read on

Dear ‘Writing Into Meaning groupees’ (those who have attended this term and those who might like to attend…anyone is most welcome)

We have had to make a slight change to our programming schedule due to a clash with an important Department of Education meeting on the afternoon of Wednesday November 8th 2017.  This means that there will be no facilitated Writing Into Meaning group as set out on our blog on the afternoon of Wednesday November 8th 2017.  The ESW Ground Floor Meeting Room will STILL BE AVAILABLE for your use.  This means that you can meet to write, to discuss, to enter thoughts, ideas, reflections onto the blog but Tamsin, Emily and I won’t be there.

Instead, we will run a faciliated session on Wednesday Novemeber 29th between 1300 and 1500.

This is therefore how the sessions will look for the rest of the term:

Wednesday 1st November 1-3pm (peer led) GFMR 4. What might it means to ‘master’ research writing?

Reading: Barnacle, R. and Dall ‘Alba, G. (2013). Beyond Skills: Embodying Writerly Practices Through the Doctorate. Studies in Higher Education 39 (7). pp.1139-1149.


Wednesday 8th November 1-3pm

(peer led)

GFMR 5.  Who is my audience and where is my voice?

Reading: Burke, P.J. (2008). Writing, Power and Voice: Access to and Participation in Higher Education. Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education, 15 (2), 199-210.


Wednesday 15th November 1-3pm (peer led) EH244 6. How can writing become analysis?

Reading: MacLure, M. (2013). The Wonder of Data. Cultural Studies: Critical Methodologies 13 (4). pp. 229-232.


Please find an opportunity to put up a comment or a blog post that explores some aspect of your peer-led thoughts during this period.


(We will read and respond)

Wednesday 22nd November 1-3pm

(facilitated with Emily Danvers and Rebecca Webb)

GFMR 7. Writing data into meaning:  what is our data?  How do we ‘analyse’ it?  What is the effect of this when we write this into the thesis text? 

PLEASE BRING DATA or DATA ANALYSIS or THOUGHTS on writing about data or data analysis with you to this session.  Please read MacLure, ‘The Wonder Of Data’ and bring along to the session.

Wednesday 29th November 1-3pm

(facilitated with Tamsin Hinton-Smith and Rebecca Webb)

GFMR 8.  Re-writing the thesis: Capturing its totality – what does it ‘look like’ and why?


Wednesday 6th December 1-3pm

(facilitated with Tamsin Hinton-Smith and Rebecca Webb)

EH244 9. The value of writing together:  why do it?  How to do it effectively
Wednesday 13th December 1-3pm

(facilitated with Emily Danvers and Rebecca Webb)

End of term lunch and seasonal cheer

GFMR 10. Writing for Publication:  how to do it and when?  Tips on successful publishing of peer review articles.
Wednesday 20th December 1-3pm


GFMR 11. The space will be available should you wish to meet to discuss/write

Hope look forward to reading anything you are able to contribute to the blog before we see you all again on November 22nd.  Enjoy the opportunity to meet, write, discuss together in the meantime.

Rebecca Webb


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